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What does an LED driver do?

What does an LED driver do?

The LED driver converts the mains voltage (12V) to a low voltage (analog) signal. This signal is used by a controller connected to the lamp socket, and the drivers are the reason why the socket does not get short-circuited.

Is an LED driver necessary?

Yes! Many LED drivers are not just an option but the only option for the LED driver. For those with a wide range of RGBW drivers that they use for all of their lighting needs, it becomes challenging to change the lighting arrangement because of the layout of their house or the area they need to light up.

Do all LED lights need a driver?

LEDs can be lit directly from an external power supply but are generally powered by DC low voltage motors or internal battery backups. There is no need to hook the lights into a transformer at all.

How do I choose an LED driver for my LED?

The best way to choose your LED driver is to do a comparative analysis. You can compare it with a Fluorescent, a Metal Halide, or a LED. You could compare Fluorescents, Metal Halides, and LED drivers side by side, intending to choose the LED driver that gives the best illumination over the broadest angle of light.

  • Indoor Outdoor
  • Constant current or Constant voltage
  • DC output 5V 12V 24V 48V
  • Dimmable or non-dimmable
  • With cable without cable

How many LEDs are in series for 12 Volt?

The figure shows a typical series connection scheme to supply 4 Power Led at 12Vdc. Connecting 4 identical Power Led (as working voltage and power, no matter the color), the voltage is divided equally on the 4 Led; so on each Power Led, we will have 12:4= 3Vdc.

How many meters of LEDs can be connected?

The parts of the LED ribbon that are further away from the power supply are less bright. On the whole, it is not possible to exceed 5mt of the length of every single section.

How to power a LED spotlight?

To Power, a led strip in total safety first, do not exaggerate with the length because, beyond 10m, the led strips begin to emit no more homogeneous light but tend to decrease.

How to choose the LED driver?

In general, a driver intended for home lighting should have to meet certain requirements, such as:

Small size.

Low cost.

Medium-low Power.

High level of efficiency and reliability

The simplicity of installation.

Simple and immediate brightness control (dimming).

Long life.

How to power led 12V?

It is very simple. The LED must be supplied with a voltage of 1.5 V and must flow 20mA (if not flashing otherwise, 15mA). To reduce the voltage to 12V, you have to put a resistor on in series to the LED, which must fall 12 – 1.5 = 10.5V.

How to connect 4 LEDs in series?

When connecting LEDs in series, you can also use LEDs of different colors and therefore have another VF, provided that the IF of all LEDs is equal. In this case, adding the VF of all the LEDs as done previously and insert the result in the formula will be sufficient.

How to calculate a transformer for LED?

Multiply the Power/m x Length (expressed in meters) of the light strip, i.e.: 14.4 W/m x 5 m = 72 W. The correct power supply should have a power of 86.4W (which is 20% more than the absorption of the LED strip). Then choose 90W or 100W.

How to turn on the LED strip?

    All LED strips in our store are equipped with a quick connector; they are ready to use, and using them is simple!

    Connect. Connect the connector to the power supply of appropriate Power and voltage.

    Turn on. Turn on the power supply connected to the power line.

    Have fun.

How to connect multiple LED strips?

    To connect multiple LED strips, join the pieces by tinning the tracks and matching the polarities.

How to check the voltage of an LED?

    Put a battery of three volts with the tester in series and a potentiometer and led, a voltmeter in parallel the led, raise slowly until you get to 20-25 but read the voltage. Once done, you can prove them all one at a time without moving the pot. Otherwise, the analog ice on the ohms x 10 range will turn on.

Where to put the LEDs in the room?

    Try placing an LED strip under the sideboard or along the stairs. In some of our installations, we have put them on the curbs of two columns or inserted them into some niches, as you can see from the pictures, obtaining a sophisticated effect and significant impact.


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