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What Are The Uses And Applications Of 12V Power Supply Devices?

12V power supply or 12vdc power supply devices are some of the most commonly used power supply devices in today’s world. 12v power supply mechanism is commonly classified into two broad categories; 12V regulated power supplies and 12V unregulated power supplies. In 12V regulated power supplies, there are mainly 3 styles namely switching regulated AC to DC, Linear regulated AC to DC, and Switching regulated DC to DC. One of the major advantages of a 12V power supply system is that 12V is a safe and secured voltage for most DC circuits, as compared to any other higher operating voltages. For most electronic home appliances a 12V power supply system is used which makes it the most widely used power supply system in the world. 12V power supply devices can produce 12v outputs relentlessly for most domestic electronic items.


Switching Regulated 12V Power Supply:


The 12VDC power supply system is also commonly known as the SMPS power supplies or switchers. They are used to regulate the 12VDC output by using a complex yet efficient high-frequency switching technique that applies pulse width modulation and effective feedback. 12 DC power supply works with a mechanism to obtain 12VDC output from 120VAC or 240VAC input by using an integrated combination of transformers, diodes, and transistors. The modern power supply devices include the latest efficient features like EMI filtering, shielding, and Galvanic isolation in their manufacturing process. Today , modern switching-regulated 12V power supply systems are highly energy-efficient, lightweight, and portable. 

12v DC Power Supply for LED Lights


Unregulated 12V Power Supply:


These are basic power supply mechanisms that work with an AC input and unregulated 12V output. In this process, the voltage output changes with the voltage input and load. Despite the absence of systematic regulation, these power supply systems are highly dependable. Moreover, unregulated power supply systems are inexpensive as well.

Wide Applications Of 12V Power Supply System:

The typical application of 12V power supply systems include:

  •  The uses of this power supply include a 12VDC power supply for LED lights . LED bulbs can be powered from a 12V battery bank directly or through 12VDC transformers for LED lights .
  • This power supply system is also used in computer and networking applications.
  • This system is also widely used in developing telecommunications and fiber optic networks.
  • The 12V power supply adapter is also used in various electronic applications and devices including laptops, Tab, mobile equipment, etc.
  • This power supply system is also commonly used in universities and study centres for various electronic items and applications.
  • All Basic electronic items and instruments that require safe DC output.
  • It also has an application and uses for the electronic parts and circuits of an automobile.
  • The defense sector also uses this power supply system for many appliances.

Find The Best Power Supply Devices Nearby:

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