LED Power supply

How to connect multiple LED strips to one power supply

Multiple LED strips connected to one power supply method. Two dimmable white LED strips are mounted consecutively and connected to a single power supply via a controller. The power supply is provided through two feed points. It is installed because the voltage drop of too-long strips will make the rear part of the strip less bright than the front part. Due to the voltage drop phenomenon, the maximum run distance of the 12V strip light is 16.4ft (5 m) when powered from one end. The 24V version can be 16.4ft (5 m) or 32.8ft (10 m), depending on its wattage per unit length. The length of the strip is related to the voltage, current, and wattage.

Check the installation setup layout.

How to set up the LED strip in an installation using 16.4ft (5 m) and 32.8ft (10 m) strips. Check the setup or layout of the structure according to the 16.4ft or 32.8ft rule when powered from one side, the states that a 12V or 24V light bar cannot run continuously for more than 16.4ft or 32.8ft. Beyond this point, the light bar will suffer from reduced light-emitting diode brightness and current overload on the light bar.

Extending the LED Power Supply Cord

However, indoor indirect lighting projects often require installing light bars longer than 16.4ft or 32.8ft. For example, a 15ft x 15ft (4.5 m x 4.5 m) room has a perimeter of 59ft (18 m). How do I set up LED strips for this room? Many practical wire layout methods can solve this problem. A standard installation method uses the corner of the room as the power supply point, either by installing an additional power source or extending the power cord from the existing power source. Why use the corner of the room? Because, in most cases, LED strips cannot rotate 90 degrees on their own in the corner of the room and must be cut and connected by soldering or using solderless LED connectors.

RGB LED strip lights step 2 - soldering LED strip lightsRGB LED strip lights step 3 - soldering LED strip lights
soldering led strip
led strip connectors

Voltage Drop

The most common strip lights operate at a constant voltage. From the beginning to the end, a voltage drop exists across the strip and accumulates down the strip. The light bar works appropriately until the voltage drop is added to a threshold value. Beyond the threshold, the brightness level of the LED drops so much that the naked eye cannot detect it. The longer the strip, the more significant the voltage drop. LED strips with constant current devices solve the voltage drop problem to some extent. Constant current devices maintain a continuous current for the LEDs along the strip, so the length of the ribbon can be 10 m or 20 m. The type of strip light is called a current-controlled strip light or a constant current strip light. However, even this type of strip light cannot exceed a specific operating length due to the following factors.

Current Overload

Because LED strips operate on a parallel circuit, current accumulates along the strip. A segment is a shearable unit. Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) boards are designed for maximum current. If the strip is too long (too many features), the sum of the currents will exceed the current limit that the FPC board can handle, resulting in current overload. The current excess will cause excessive resistor heating, which will damage the LED strip. That is why important to make 12V strip lights with a length of 16.4ft (5m).

Safe handling of current

Our current-controlled strip lights are also designed to be long enough to ensure that the strips can safely handle the current. The reels sold have the maximum length that can install for continuous operation. If you want to install longer than limited, it will require additional power supply points. Therefore, we recommend supplying power for every 16.4ft (5m) of 12V strip installed continuously. Otherwise, the excessive current will adversely affect the conductors on the strip.

LED Power supply connect to LED strip light

The LED strip comprises dozens of series-connected semiconductor light-emitting diodes and then series into several small power current limiting resistors, sealed in the same shape as the light bulb strip in the plastic strip base. The LED strip has the advantages of long life, energy-saving, environmental protection, colorful, low heat generation, etc., is used in various fields of production and energy, and has become an emerging way of lighting.

LED strip, because the standard length of the load unit is 2 meters, so the installation or maintenance replacement. Need to first according to the required size for the “base,” and then look for the nearest point on the light from the “unit identification,” the morning with “scissors” printed on the graphic place to intercept. If you cut at random, then, due to the wrong location, cut off the corresponding unit circuit at the end of the strip, resulting in the part of the strip broken circuit can not work. The phenomenon of the end of the section does not light. It is resulting in decorative mutilation.

The DC type voltage supply mainly takes an LED strip in the power supply. The LED strip power supply should be under average norms plus a special rectifier for the LED strip, and through the rectifier within a “bridge stack” will be rectified to about 220V DC voltage, and then access to the LED strip let it work. Although the LED strip connected to the AC directly mains will also light, the LED tube inside the ribbon is a one-way conductivity. Only in the AC voltage waveform of a certain half-cycle corresponds to the “polarity” conductive work, and thus will produce a more obvious flicker sense, so the LED strips more DC voltage.

If the LED strip is composite and the controller driver is needed, then the type of controller must be a particular type of “LED strip controller.” Then rely on the controller within the one-way thyristor and other circuit components output DC voltage to move.

Note: Due to damage to the controller, urgent to replace, such as ignoring this point and arbitrary choice of the controller, will cause the effect of variation. The “right” option is to restore the best light effect.

Connect the LED strip to a LED Adapter


LED strip parallel connection

The light bar is a combination of series and series, divided into three series and six series. The power depends on the specifications of the light beads, generally about 3.3V. Because of the current limiting resistor added between the dots in strings, the light bar is routinely equipped with a 12V constant voltage power supply (3 sets of light bars) and 24V constant voltage power supply (6 sets of light bars). The power is calculated according to the length of the light bar and the specifications of the light beads.

Two LED strips connected in series and parallel? 

The general voltage of the light bar is three series 12V, there are also 24V and 48V, depending on your drive power output is how much V. The loop line plays the role of the circuit

Must be correctly connected to the positive and negative poles of the LED beads; the dots can light up. Series connection is to connect all the lamp beads to the positive terminal of one connected to the negative terminal. A parallel connection connects all the positive terminals of the lamp beads used in a connection line. All the negative terminals connect to another connection line connection. Generally, in the case of high power supply voltage and low current, choose a series connection. Parallel connection is only suitable for lithium or 4V battery-powered LED lights. There are also series and parallel connections, such as a 12V power supply circuit, generally 3 or 4 LEDs for a group of series connections, and then in parallel with multiple groups.

How To Connect LED Strips In “Series”

LED Strips series connection

How To Connect LED Strips in “Parallel”

LED Strips parallel connection

How to connect the LED light-emitting word line? Parallel or series connection? 

Custom-made light-emitting letters install inside is the LED module. The power supply is DC12V. The manufacturer sent you the LED rainproof power supply, which should also be 12V. It is a DC power supply; the wiring divides into positive and negative. Better ask the manufacturer to leave out the two-color line of the light-emitting letters in which the color line is positive.

How to connect LEDs in parallel 

LEDs have positive and negative poles. Positive connected, then negative connected. If you can not distinguish between positive and negative: LED is repurchased when the pin is a long and a short, long and long connected, quick and fast connected.

How to connect LED strips

Low-voltage soft strips need to connect the two ends of the line, rigid strips need to turn the corner to connect to the bar, and high-voltage strips then need to pin in the middle. Tip: the low-voltage strip is better connected in parallel. The series connection is too long and easy to produce voltage drop, resulting in uneven brightness of the strip.

LED Strip lights Installation with controller

install single color LED strip lights using LED dimmers
connect RGB LED strip to power supply with RGB controllers




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