LED Power supply

How to choose a LED power supply for the LED strip 

This article is also dedicated to which LED power supply to choose but from functional rather than technical.

Is the power supply specifically designed for LED lighting?

Is the power supply’s wattage suitable for the rated power of the strip?

How to calculate the power supply capacity

For example, an Output Voltage 12V power supply, DC output current 3A, power watt 12*3, i.e., 36 watts.

Try to use power supplies designed for this type of lighting to power LED installations. Using other transformers will shorten the life of the LED light source and may damage it at the very first start-up attempt.

When choosing LED power supplies

we should pay attention to two basic things:

Which LED drivers are the right ones?

Connect the LED strip to a power supply. It is necessary to use a power supply with sufficient power. The task of the power supply is to match the available voltage to the requirements of the LED Lighting project we want to connect.

How to calculate the power supply’s power.

Let’s check the maximum power of one meter of our LED strip that we want to use. This information is included in the product’s specifications and often in its name. The power is always expressed in watts (W). 

The power supplies by the power consumption of 1 meter of tape add about 20-30%.

If you want to connect 3 meters of LED STRIP LIGHTS, the power of one meter is 4.8 W. Then multiply 3 (3 meters of the strip) by the power consumed by it 4.8, which means:

3 m x 4.8W/m = 14.4W.

Note: after multiplying the numbers, you should add 20-30% of the power reserve – the obtained number is the desired power of the feeder.

14.4 W x 120% = 17.28 W

We need a power supply of not less than 18 W.

It is advisable to add a power reserve of about 20-30% so as not to overload the power supply so that it does not work “on contact,” does not burn out during operation, and correctly supplies the tape along its entire length.

How do you choose a power supply for LEDs?

Selecting a suitable hermetic power supply when installing LED strips outdoors or in the bathroom is essential. The most popular modular power supplies are usually used indoors, not exposed to harsh conditions or increased humidity. Knowing if an LED power supply is waterproof is best to check the waterproof rating marked “IP.” Waterproof power supplies have a minimum IP rating of IP 65 and are best suited for bathrooms or outdoor installations. Fully waterproof power supplies, on the other hand, have an IP67 rating. These devices are often used in water or other facilities in harsh environments.

Which IP class of LED power supply should I select?

The most crucial criterion in which LED power supply to select is the waterproof class, which is defined by IP (International Protection Rating). It determines the water-resistance of the power supply.

Non-waterproof LED power supplies IP20

LED power supplies with IP20 protection rating are non-waterproof power supplies, which means they are not suitable for places with moisture. The most popular here are POS power supplies for the main installation. The right area for installing such power supplies is, for example, a living room or bedroom.

Furniture power supplies serve us for all lighting systems in furniture (for example, kitchen furniture). They are so small that we can easily hide them from our eyes.

Power supplies for furniture lighting installation

LED power supplies IP67 waterproof

If the lighting is installed in a place exposed to moisture and water level, it is recommended to use a power supply with a higher protection class – waterproof. All waterproof series power supplies have this feature.

They have sealed hermetic housing and IP67 protection. They are therefore suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens, for example. These power supplies are smaller than those in the POS series. So if you have little space to hide them, you should use a GLP series model.

Dimmable power supply

dimmable power supplies

Which LED power supply should you choose if you have limited space?

Is it possible to hide an LED power supply in a control box?

Yes, can power supplies are the solution. As the name suggests, they are designed for installation in conventional electrical boxes with a diameter of 60 mm. These power supplies are also characterized by water resistance.

Connecting the LED power supply

The installation location of the power supply determines the type of power supply we need. We have a choice of power supplies:






DIN rail

for installation in a box.

TRIAC dimmer alternating current

Each of these types of power supplies can be found in the offer of our store.

For the outdoor LED driver, such as in garden lighting, power supplies with a protection rating of at least IP67 should be used. The occult power supplies resist the adverse effects of water, dust, and dirt to which they may be exposed.

Plastic power supplies

LED Power Supply Adapter

Plug-in power supplies can be plugged directly into the wall outlet. These are popular and simple power supplies that quickly and easily connect a suitable light source to a power supply.

Plug-in LED transformers

We can insert the LED power supply into a standard electrical box with a diameter of 60 mm. As a result, the power supply itself remains invisible and at the same time allows the installation of LEDs in the lighting already present in the room. Thanks to the high tightness class, they can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Box power supplies

An ultra-slim power supply, characterized by a compact design, can be easily hidden in an aluminum profile. It is a very discreet solution and does not disturb the interior design with the sight of an unattractive device.

Ultra-slim power supply


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More than 400+ different power supply variable.

5V power supply is widely used in LED display and some other conditions.

24V Applicance Soluction




400w power supply is a great choice for use in lights. It can provide enough power for all of your needs, and it is also very reliable.

Waterproof power supplies are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

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