Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right LED Power Supply Adapter

For both outdoor and indoor lighting applications, LED’s are rapidly replacing traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting technologies and applications. LED power supplies or LED drivers are used to provide LEDs with the correct power supply and voltage stabilities to function and perform properly. LED lighting applications have numerous benefits such as energy efficiency, design flexibility, durability, and long life. Due to these benefits LED lighting applications have become popular among users for both commercial and residential premises. LED power supply adapters and LED drivers are closely related as the power supply adapters contain LED drivers that are power supply conversion devices used to convert electricity from AC input to DC output.

Based on users’ preferences and applications requirements LED power supplies can be of many types. For instance, if you are using LED strip lights, a 12V DC power adapter or a 24V LED power supply needs to be used to keep them properly functional. But most importantly, you need to remember a few essential factors before choosing the right LED power supply adapter for your household or workplace. Consider this blog worth reading if you are interested to know the factors influencing the choice of your LED power supplies or LED drivers.

#1 Power Requirements:

Before choosing the LED power supply adapter, you must consider the voltage requirements of your LED lighting applications. Based on your LED requirements you can use a 12v LED driver or 24V LED power driver. For a constant current LED driver, you should also consider the output current of your LED. In addition, you must also remember the voltage supply of the location where the LED will be installed. On some occasions based on maximum wattage and voltage stability, you may have to use a switching power supply adapter that has a switching regulator for DC-Dc electricity conversion.

LED Power Supply Adapter

#2 Dimming:

LED lighting applications are broadly classified into two categories. Dimmable and non-dimmable LED lights. To dimmable LED lights, you need a dimmable LED power supply adapter or a LED driver that is made with a dimming capability. Dimmable LED power supply adapters control the flow of current circulating through LED bulbs or switch on and switch off the LED applications via PWM.

#3 Safety & Security:

It is one of the most crucial factors before choosing a LED power supply adapter. You must check the IP ratings of the LED driver that you are about to buy. IP ratings inform users about the environmental protection of a LED driver. These ratings consist of different numbers. The first number tells users that the driver has protection against solid objects and the second number provides users with information that the driver has protection against water elements. You must also check the voltage class of your LED drivers carefully which provides valuable information about the safety and security of the LED drivers.

#4 Efficiency & Effectiveness :

It is one of the major characteristics of a LED driver that tells users how much of the input power the driver can convert to power LED lighting applications. The efficiency of a driver is expressed as a percentage. The drivers that can operate and power more LEDs are considered more efficient.

#5 Power Factor:

The power factor of an LED driver is another important factor that you should consider before choosing a LED power supply adapter. The power factor of an LED power supply adapter tells about the real power load a driver can carry and puts on the electrical network. The power factor range is between -1 and +1 and the closer the factor is to 1 the more efficient the power driver is.

Choose The Best Power Supply, Manufacturer:

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