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What power supply do I need for LED lights

The response is that it is not that challenging to do.

The initial step is to inspect the datasheet of the LED Strip you intend to use. It should show you the power usage in Watts per Metre. Usually, it will undoubtedly be presented in 14W/ m (14 Watts/ Metre) format.

This is an average figure since you will know how long the strip will be, how tall it will be, and how many LEDs it will have. If this figure is higher than the figure you have, then you should consider purchasing more power supplies. If you have it lower than the power supply you need, you should consider increasing the current in the strips.


It all depends on how bright you want your room to be and how large the strip will be. Some manufacturers produce their strips in small sizes and include more LEDs than you need. So you may need to buy more power supplies to use them. The best rule of thumb is to buy a power supply with LEDs rated at 20 Watts each. This should provide enough for about 1000 meters of Strip.


When using an LED strip, one of the critical issues is dimming capability. LED strips to come with a dimming feature, but you must select the right one. The dimming range for these is quite broad. Most people prefer the range between -15% and +20%. This will allow you to use the Strip for reading lamps and such. If you want it to be used as a primary lighting source, then you should opt for the range over -70%.

The only problem with this range is that not all LED lamps are designed to take dimming. So if you get a light that comes with a dimming capability of +70%, you need to include a driver in the Strip for it to work. Most of the drivers are rated at 100 Watts, and you may need to purchase two.


Most people use the exact driver for all their lamps, which means you need to buy more than two power supplies for your LED Strip. This can quickly become a costly investment, especially if you want to use it over the road worth a few kilometers away, where most of us will use it for any length of time. So for those circumstances, where low power consumption is the primary objective, and the cost is not considered, then a 20 to 40 Watt power supply is the answer. These provide enough current, are low in wattage, and cost relatively minor compared to other options.


So a single 20 to 40 Watt power supply will supply enough current to last for up to 2 years, depending on how much use you put it. But the biggest benefit is that you can use it for quite a long time, even over the road. This makes the price of the supply very affordable. You can easily do the maths and calculate that you will pay over the odds with a high power supply, then decide to use it under the odds, and produce not far over the odds with a low power supply.

A 20 to 40 Watt power supply can give you enough current to run up to two years. So you will save money by running the Strip on it for a couple of months.

Many times people are put off by the cost of LED lighting strips due to the cost involved, but these supplies do not cost much. The total price of the Strip will add up over time, but the power supply price is nominal. And the benefits are considerable.

A 2-meter power supply will give you enough current for up to 20 meters of LED Strip. So you are almost sure to get more hours of use from the Strip by purchasing a bigger supply.

The Strip operates on a mains voltage, so it is easy to work with and safe. So you can use the Strip in areas where there are high voltages present, such as power stations, windmills, and all sorts of power generating equipment, and even bottomless wells.

Sufficient to work with the strip

It can be challenging to ensure that the currency you use is sufficient to work with the Strip. But if you use a power supply with many LED lights, you can quickly check the amount of current required by multiplying the wattage by the number of lights per supply. For example, a 30 to 40W power supply with 8 to 10 LED lights will require around 16A of current. This is plenty to run all of those lights for about 2 hours.

You can use this type of Strip on almost all of your LED lighting needs for projects where you require an extremely long or very short strip. No other supply can match the cost-effectiveness of the LED Strip when it comes to length.


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