LED Power supply


    Example: LED strips with a consumption of 72 W on a roll of 5 m should be operated with a power of 90 W. The ideal solution for this type of strip will be the power supply manufacturer Mean Well – LPV-100-12.

What kind of power supply for a 5m LED strip?

    LED strip 5050 5m is an LED strip with a power consumption of 14.4W/m. This means that a section of 5 meters has a power consumption of 72W. In this case, the choice of power supply should be at least about 80W (72W*10-15%).

What power supply for the diode?

    Power supplies regulate the power supply to the LEDs to a constant value, usually 12 V or 24 V DC. 12 V LED strips and 24 V LED strips to require a constant 12 V or 24 V DC voltage. LED power supplies are required for all LED systems that rely on a safe, low-voltage supply.

What power supply for LED? How many amps?

    P – power [W], I – amperage [Amp], U – voltage [Volt]. For proper operation of a 5-meter strip of LEDs type SMD 5050, we need a power supply with a constant current of 12 V and at least 6 amps.

What is the current for the LED?

    LED strips usually require 12 V DC (of course, there are LED strips with 230 V in stores that do not require a power supply, but for home use, 12 V is more often chosen). Choosing a suitable power supply is not difficult.

What power supply for power LED 3w?

    For example, if we have 8 bulbs of 3W in the installation, we need a minimum power supply of 24W. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it was slightly (10%, even up to 30%) stronger and had a power of, for example, 30W. 

How is the power LED supplied with power?

    Power supply with a constant current. The most convenient solution is to connect all devices in series, which will ensure a steady current. The easiest way to power a larger number of LEDs with a low DC voltage is to use a boost regulator.




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More than 400+ different power supply variable.

5V power supply is widely used in LED display and some other conditions.

24V Applicance Soluction




400w power supply is a great choice for use in lights. It can provide enough power for all of your needs, and it is also very reliable.

Waterproof power supplies are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

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