LED Power supply

What is a TRIAC power supply? 

A trial is a high-speed solid-state device that can switch and control alternating current in either direction of a sine waveform. As a solid-state device, thyristors can be used to control lamps, motors, heaters, etc.

Are all LED dimmers TRIAC? 

TRIAC dimmers are designed for resistive loads such as incandescent or halogen lamps and have a significant installed base in the United States and worldwide. Therefore, LED-based solutions using conventional LED drivers will not work as expected with TRIAC wall dimmers.

What is a TRIAC wall dimmer? 

TRIAC stands for triode for alternating current and is a switch used to control current. When used in lighting applications, it is commonly referred to as ‘TRIAC dimming.’

Dimming Mode:Leading edge(triac)
Input Voltage:200-240VAC,50-60Hz
Load Power:Incandescent lamp:25-500W
                  High-voltage halogen lamp:25-500W
                  Dimming LEDs:6-300W
Working Temp.:-30℃~55℃
Package Size:    L106×W106×H60mm
Weight(G.W.): 180g

E6-TD1 2_
E6-TD1 3_
E6-TD1 4_

Are Lutron dimmers TRIAC? 

Yes, Lutron has a range of intelligent TRIAC dimmers in their Diva product line. However, the Caseta series dimmers are not TRIAC dimmers. Other innovative brands offer options as well.


0-10V dimmer T18 / T18-1 is a full-touch LED controller which outputs one or four-channel 0-10V signal, offers both switch on/off and dimming functions. Adopting high strength ultra-sensitive touch glass panel, fast and accurate brightness adjustment with unique design touch slide. 0.1% to 100% smooth dimming range without any flickering can be very comfortable for human eyes. The backlighting function enables the touch panel to be found even in the dark. The touch dimmer is powered by AC input and can be compatible with existing standard size 86*86 mm wall boxes.

0-10V LED Dimmer
0-10V LED Dimmer
0-10V LED Dimmer data sheet
0-10V LED Dimmer data sheet

Can I use a TRIAC to switch DC power? 

Yes, it can be used in the GATE terminal to trigger, but it stays on indefinitely once started. So it has minimal DC applications. Ultimately, the TRIAC is a three-terminal electronic device that functions as a switch for AC signals.

What is the working principle of a TRIAC? 

A trial is a three-terminal AC switch that differs from other silicon-controlled rectifiers. It can conduct in both directions; that is, it shows whether the applied gate signal is positive or negative. Therefore, this device can be used as a switch in AC systems.

Is Triac dimming the same as ELV dimming? 

Standard dimming techniques include forward phase, reverse phase (ELV), and 0-10V. Forward Phase: Phase angle dimming (commonly called incandescent or Triac dimming) is the most common dimming method. ELV dimmers are generally very compatible with LED loads and offer smoother dimming at low levels.

What does triac mean? 

AC triode

A TRIAC (alternating current triode; bi-directional triode thyristor or two-way triode thyristor) is an electronic component with three terminals that conduct current in both directions when activated.

What is a DALI dimmer? 

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)

These dimmer switches use a digital protocol to send a dimming control signal to a driver through separate wires to the network. They do not directly control the power that is sent to the driver. Lamps can never be dimmed (directly) via DALI.

DALI dimmer
DALI dimmer
DALI dimmer machanical structures and installations
DALI dimmer wiring
DALI dimmer Operation
DALI dimmer Push-Dim function

What are the applications of TRIAC? 

TRIAC (triode for alternating current) is a semiconductor device commonly used in power control and switching applications. It is used in switching, phase control, chopper designs, lamp brightness control, fan speed control, motor control, etc.

What is the function of a TRIAC in a dimmer switch? 

TRIAC dimmers act like high-speed switches and control the amount of electricity supplied to a bulb. A “trigger” dictates the point at which the device begins to conduct current, essentially “cutting” the voltage waveform so that the voltage is no longer supplied at full load.




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More than 400+ different power supply variable.

5V power supply is widely used in LED display and some other conditions.

24V Applicance Soluction




400w power supply is a great choice for use in lights. It can provide enough power for all of your needs, and it is also very reliable.

Waterproof power supplies are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

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