LED Power supply

What is a LED power adapter?

What is the LED adapter, and why is it needed: The LED adapter is a capacitor, and when used, it is designed to suppress any current leak and stop the flickering. Where the adapters are installed: The LED adapters are installed directly onto the lights.

Can you use any power adapter for LED lights?

Because they operate on reduced-voltage DC, they call for a power supply device that transforms 120V/240V AC (relying on your area) right into the voltage signal that LED strips can utilize. Constant voltage power supply or continuous present? Primarily, constant voltage for LED strip lights.

What power supply do I require for LEDs?

Whether it’s your cell phone, laptop, or LED strip lights. You’ll require something to take the 120 volts of rotating current (AC) from your wall surface electrical outlet and transform it into a lower voltage of straight current (DC) that your LED strips (or other electronics) call for running.

Selecting the wrong power supply system (PSU) will damage your LED items and the device itself. On top of that, a power supply that is too weak will result in the advancement of high warmth, which might create additional risk.

Do you need an adapter for LED Strip Lights?

You’ll need a power adapter or plug adapter to plug them into an electrical outlet. Our other LED Strip Lights have standard male and female plugs and do not require special accessories.

LED Adapter for LED Strip Lights

DC 12V Adapter, input voltage 100V-240V, LED Power Supply for LED Lighting

3A 4A 5A 6A 8A 10A LED Power Supply for LED Strips Light

Total wattage 36W 48W 60W 72W 100W 120W

Power supply specifications match the LED strip Output Voltage DC 12V or 24V

12V power supply for LED Strip Light
12V power supplies for LED Strip Light
12V power supply for LED Light strip
non dimmable power supply 12V LED drivers
LED power supply Easy Installation
Wall Mounted

12V / 24V Dimmable Power Supplies

AC input side 100-240V

DC output 12V 24V

Series No.Water
AC input
DC output


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More than 400+ different power supply variable.

5V power supply is widely used in LED display and some other conditions.

24V Applicance Soluction




400w power supply is a great choice for use in lights. It can provide enough power for all of your needs, and it is also very reliable.

Waterproof power supplies are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

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