What is a Dimmable LED Driver?

Dimmable LED drivers allow you to adjust the brightness of a light fixture by changing the current or voltage. This increases the life expectancy of the light source. This also reduces the energy required to maintain illumination.

Several factors determine the performance of dimmable LED drivers. These factors include the type of driver, the wattage, and the source.

Knowing the intended lighting application is essential before choosing a driver. Specifications of the LED will provide information about recommended drive currents. The specifications will also indicate the requirements for heat sinks. Weatherproofing is required for fixtures that are outdoors.

The driver must have a 50Hz variable duty cycle to dim an LED. The light will dim when it reaches half its rated power output. If the light work is less than 20%, it will require 59 dimming levels to reach its maximum level.

A constant-current dimmable LED driver will avoid light level drops. Many drivers offer color sequencing.

Some drivers use pulse width modulation (PWM) or amplitude modulation(AM). PWM can be used for dimming without altering the color or flickering. It is not suitable for LEDs of critical colors.

AC dimmer

120-volt AC dimmer

DC dimmable drivers

Our dimmable LED power supply is commonly used in many indoor or outdoor applications, such as LED horticultural lighting and LED residential lighting. LED street lamps, LED lighting, LED signage, LED decorative lighting, LED architectural lighting, LED stage lighting, LED embedded lighting, and LED large-screen displays.

Indoor 0-10v Triac Dimmable LED Drivers

LED Light Strip Dimmable Driver 60W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W

Outdoor Dimmable LED Drivers

LED decorative and architectural lighting

Dimmable LED drivers for LED decorative

LED signage

control the light output of LED fixtures

Dimmers for LED Tape Cabinet Lighting

LED Lights Cabinet Lights

Why should I choose SMPS LED dimmable power supplies?

Dimmable LED power supplies are suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting applications, such as LED horticultural or LED residential lighting. Decorative and architectural lighting, LED embedded lighting, and large-screen LED displays.

This compact driver is a great one for dimming LEDs. A dimmable driver is a great option for lighting your project. There are many benefits to LED dimming lighting. They also save electricity and offer a safe environment when you are not using them. A great way to control lighting in your home is to include all the necessary features to create a relaxing atmosphere. You will always feel at ease when you use high-density LEDs. Many features are available to drivers. You can adjust the brightness of a specific light source with the dimmable LED.

Control of LED lighting on multiple power supplies

dimmable driver to the existing outlet wiring


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