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Ways to choose a 24 VDC power supply?

The most important technical parameters of power supplies are, of course, the unit of power (W – WATT), the amperage (A – AMPER), and the voltage (V – VOLT). The input voltage is the type of current supplied to the power supply (usually 230 V), while the output voltage determines the current that flows between the power supply and the light source itself. Of course, the wattage of a power supply is the wattage that results from the output voltage and the current—solving voltage drop issues and providing savings on installation costs in the process.

What is a 24vdc power supply?

A 24V Power supply can transform AC to DC. Some devices require DC but only have access to the a/c originating from the wall surface.

In order to achieve the desired lighting effect of the LED strip, it is necessary to supply a properly selected power supply, which is determined by the power requirements of the LED strip. The power supply can be higher, never lower, for example, to power a 5-meter strip of LED SMD 3528 300 LED – you need 24W (watts) (5 meters x 4.8W / m) should be selected power supply 30W 24V, and to power 5 meter strip of LED SMD 5050 150 LED – you need 36W (watts) (5 meters x 7.2W / m) should be selected power supply 45W 24V.

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Power supply 24V DC outputs 100W 4.16A (DC) pulse controlled, stabilized, waterproof.

This power supply has high IP67 protection, inside is fully sealed, which makes it waterproof for outdoor use. Its housing is resistant to mechanical damage. It can be used indoors and outdoors. A maximum of 20 m of 300 LED strips or 10 m of 600 LED strips is sufficient. Thanks to the built-in cables, connecting the power supply is easy and fast. Each has a length of about 15 cm.

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How to connect a LED strip to a power supply?

So let’s move on to a more complicated step, namely answering the question of how to connect the LED strip to the switch. Don’t get discouraged at the beginning, it just seems difficult, but it’s not at all. Let’s get to work.

1. on the switch there is a connector with the inscription LED. To do this, carefully solder the lead-in to the LED strip.

connect ouputs with plug

2. Next, also solder to the connector labeled POWER SUPPLY, but this time solder the wires to the 12v DC power supply.

cable and plugs

3. Make sure everything is mounted and connected correctly.

advantages easy install

4. Mount the switch where it belongs.

5 Drill a hole in the cover for the transmitter diode using a 5 mm drill bit. It is very important that it has exactly this diameter.

6. Done!

Circuit diagram for LED lighting:

When connecting the LED strip, ensure that the voltage is evenly distributed!

Safety & Compliance

Below, we will show you how to connect the LED strip to avoid voltage drop.

The voltage drop will occur if we connect more than 5 m of the strip in series in one sequence. The beginning of the LED strip will shine much brighter than the end.

restricted at one side

For LED strip lights longer than 5 m, it is best to connect the power in the middle of the section to ensure light output at the ends of the LED strip.

restricted in middle




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More than 400+ different power supply variable.

5V power supply is widely used in LED display and some other conditions.

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400w power supply is a great choice for use in lights. It can provide enough power for all of your needs, and it is also very reliable.

Waterproof power supplies are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

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