Types of Dimmers and Their Ideal Applications

Universal Dimmers 

Universal dimmers are engineered to regulate incandescent, halogen, dimmable LED, and dimmable CFL bulbs. They ensure comprehensive dimming across the entire range, with smooth startup and eradicating flickering or flickering lights. When using universal dimmers with LED and CFL bulbs, confirm that the bulb packaging indicates dimmability.

Incandescent Dimmers 

Incandescent dimmers are tailored for controlling incandescent and halogen bulbs exclusively. They aren’t intended for LED or CFL bulbs, including their dimmable counterparts. Using them for this purpose might yield consistent performance. Furthermore, these dimmers lack UL safety certification for overseeing LED or CFL bulbs.

Electronic Low-Voltage Dimmers (ELV) 

ELV dimmers are adept at managing ELV transformers and dimmable LED power supplies, commonly employed in settings like ELV track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and LED strips. Installation of ELV dimmers mandates the presence of a neutral connection.

Magnetic Low-Voltage Dimmers (MLV) 

Magnetic Low-Voltage dimmers excel in governing MLV transformers and are an excellent fit for recessed lights. MLV lighting fixtures tend to be bulkier and weightier compared to ELV lights.

Fluorescent Dimmers 

Fluorescent dimmers are specifically engineered to control fluorescent fixtures that incorporate rapid start lamps and dimming ballasts, ensuring compatibility and proper functionality.

Dimming Sensor 

This innovative device amalgamates a dimmer’s light level control capabilities with a motion sensor’s energy-saving attributes and convenience. It works seamlessly with dimmable LED, CFL, incandescent, and halogen bulbs.


Ena Leung

Ena Leung

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