Slim Indoor LED Power Supply NL

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Slim ultra-thin power supply IP20.Power range from 15W to 300W, High efficiency with sufficient power

2 hours 100% full-load burn-in test before shipping; OVP, OLP, OTP, and short circuit protection programmed

CE ROHS FCC certified

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100W, 120W, 150W, 15W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 36W, 60W


100-240V, 175-240V


12V, 24V, 5V

Product Details:

NO. Series No. Water
Size(mm) Weight
AC input
DC output
DC output
1 NL-15-12 IP20 113*42*30 0.16 100-240V 12V 1.25A 15W
2 NL-35-12 IP20 113*42*30 0.18 100-240V 12V 2.91A 35W
3 NL-60-12 IP20 157*42*30 0.25 100-240V 12V 5A 60W
4 L-60-12 IP20 160*40*32 0.25 100-240V 12/24V 5/2.5A 60W
5 NL-100-12/24 IP20 178*48*34.5 0.35 100-240V 12/24V 8.33/4.16 100W
6 NL-150-12/24 IP20 200*58*36 0.45 100-240V 12/24V 12.5/6.25 150W
7 NL-200-12/24 IP20 223*70*39 0.70 175-240V 12/24V 16.6/8.33 200W
8 NL-250-12/24 IP20 223*70*39 0.70 175-240V 12/24V 20.83/10.4 250W
9 NL-300-12/24 IP20 223*70*39 0.72 175-240V 12/24V 25/12.5A 300W

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