LED Strip Lights Ideas Lighting Design

300 LED 3528 – the number 300 indicates the number of LEDs on the roll, the tape is used as a decorative illumination, for example, illumination of false ceilings, stairs, furniture, recesses, consuming 4.8W/m; below we present models of color LED SMD tapes with IP65 and IP68 protection degree:

Cabinet Lighting Light bulbs

LED strip lighting installed in the living room bathroom mirror

bright ideas
brightness levels Light Bulbs

Installing LED strips in the ceiling cornice is an inexpensive way to boost ambient lighting and highlight architectural details.

Easy Installation plug-in or battery operated

Give a different atmosphere to the living or as a night light.

Highlight ornamental ceiling details in entertainment areas such as dining and living rooms. Add subtle, modern lighting to different rooms in the home.

Room Lighting Ideas Room-Strip led Lighting flexible strips.

Shelving LED strip lights LED Lights for Bedroom, Home, TV Backlight.

Adding LED strips to the back of screens such as your television

LED light strip for Cabinet Lighting

Christmas decorations

Used with a power supply power source

How to choose the power supply for the LED strip?

Each tape has a nominal power expressed in watts (W). For the most popular 300 LED strips, it will be 4.8 W/m. This means that if you want to install a 2 m long strip, the LED Driver is 2 x 4.8W, or 9.6W. It would seem that the most appropriate power supply, in this case, would be the one with at least 10W, but we recommend using a power supply taking into account the power reserve and the efficiency of the power supply itself, adding 15%, which means that for a 24W tape, for example, we multiply 24 x 115%, so we should use a power supply of 28W or more.

LED Adapter for LED Strip Lights

DC 12V Adapter, input voltage 100V-240V, LED Power Supply for LED Lighting

3A 4A 5A 6A 8A 10A LED Power Supply for LED Strips Light

Total wattage 36W 48W 60W 72W 100W 120W

Power supply specifications match the LED strip Output Voltage DC 12V or 24V

12V power supply for LED Strip Light