LED Signage Lighting and Museum Lighting

LED signage lighting is characterized by high energy efficiency, trouble-free operation, and durability. Their lighting time is several times longer than standard fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Since they are available in different wattages, colors, and sizes, they are used in creating small spatial letters (the smallest module is 16 mm x 12 mm) and large lettering or signs. Depending on the model, they allow for light, decorative highlighting of advertising, or intense, powerful illumination.

LED signage lighting and museum lighting

To tackle such applications in the market, we specifically develop a series for the sign industry. Our power supplies are built to stand the test of time, backed by the most extensive reliability testing in the industry.

LED Strip Lights and LED Mould lighting

Application Signs and Displays, traditionally lit using fluorescent or neon lighting, those fluorescent and ballasts are not waterproof, are transitioning into longer-lasting, energy-saving, and Eco-friendly lighting projects.

LED Modules for shallow and deep light boxes and channel letters are used in illuminated advertising, so the light advertising box has been slowly replaced with LED lighting.

Sign lighting power supply

The sign lighting is DC 12V or 24V input. Currently, Xinreal offers a series from 20W for indoor applications and a max of 600W for outdoor signs applications. All products comply with safety regulations and total voltage input, which is suitable for any sign lighting project. Some products, such as the CRS series, can be directly used with 0-10V dimmers without an additional controller.

LED Modules Lighting application

led strip lights power supply

CL Slim Power Supply

60W to 300W Slim, easy installation. 100-240V Input suitable for global market. 12v 24v 48v output in stock fast delivery

led sign power supply

CLL Strip Slim Power Supply

60W to 300W Slim, easy installation. 100-240V Input suitable for global market. 12v 24v output in stock fast delivery

led lights power supply

CFX Outdoor Power Supply

150W to 400W waterproof, for outdoor using. 100-240V Input suitable for global market. 12v 24v output in stock fast delivery

Why Choose SANPU LED power for signage lighting

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Product Models

SMT LED Technology surface mount PCB made

In automation surface-mount technology, thousands of electrical components are attached and connected to their contact pads using reflow soldering. Which makes less lowers labor costs and efficient products.

high bay light
round lights

High-Quality Control for power supplies

We inspect all the semifinished power supplies for high-quality control. Determined by visuals, ensure all elements are in the right place.

Aging test of power supplies

Improve the efficiency of LED power supply aging, exclude bad, ensure the quality of power brand, and ensure the consumer group’s safety.

ceilings ranging

Choose SANPU to customize LED Drivers for your sign lighting

As a power supply manufacturer, SANPU is fully equipped, with an integrating sphere, constant temperature and humidity box, pressure tester, and other product performance evaluation equipment. All the power supplies are automated manufacturing. To be a good power supply supplier, we regard providing customers with high-quality, low-cost customized LED power supply, quality, and the delivery time as our aim. 

SANPU Workshop Production

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LED Driver for the LED Signage Lighting project

LED Strip driver

Slim Black LED power supply

100-240V AC / 175-240V AC
DC output 12V/24V/48V
Power range from 35W to 300W
Suitable for indoor LED lighting

LED Strip driver

LED power supply

100-240V AC
DC output 12V/24V
Power range from 7W to 60W
Suitable for indoor LED lighting

LED Strip Lights driver

LED power supply

100-240V AC,110/240V switch AC
DC output 12V/24V/48V
Power range from 60W to 400W
Suitable for indoor LED lighting

LED Strip Lights driver

FXX Aluminum Rainproof type LED Power supply.

 This easy-to-install power supply is perfect for a variety of applications, from residential to commercial. With its aluminum casing material and built-in EMI filter, it provides good heat ability and a tiny ripple rate, while it is 85% high efficiency ensures sufficient power. Plus, it comes with 4 hours 100% full-load burn-in test and OVP, OPF, OTP and Short circuit Protection programmed for your safety and peace of mind. CE and ROHS certified.

Strip Lights driver

FX Aluminum Rainproof power supply.

Made from durable aluminum casing material, it features an easy install design and is great for a variety of applications. With a power range from 60W to 600W, it provides plenty of power for even the most demanding projects. Plus, it comes with built-in EMI filtering and a tiny ripple rate for clean, reliable operation. Our power supply also features 85% high efficiency and 4 hours of 100% full-load burn-in testing before shipping. Plus, it comes with OVP, OTP, and short circuit protection programming for added safety and peace of mind. CE and ROHS certified.

LED Strip Lights driver

Waterproof aluminum ultra-thin LED power supply

This waterproof aluminum ultra-thin type is perfect for outdoor use and can withstand any weather conditions. With a power range from 20W to 300W, it’s perfect for any application. The built-in EMI filter ensures that there is no ripple or interference, and the 85% high efficiency means that you’ll always have enough power. We also put all of our power supplies through a 4-hour burn-in test before shipping to ensure quality. With OVP, OTP, and short circuit protection programmed in, you can rest assured that your investment is safe. CE and ROHS certified.

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LED lighting systems maintenance

LED controllers, also called LED light controllers, are used to adjust the brightness, color, and pattern of LED lights. Several different types of LED controllers are available on the market, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. One popular type of LED controller is the WiFi LED controller uses WiFi signals to connect the sender, typically a smartphone or tablet, to the receiver, which is usually an LED light strip. This type of controller is very convenient because it doesn’t require wires or cables. However, it can be susceptible to interference from other local WiFi devices. Another popular type of LED controller is the Bluetooth LED controller. Bluetooth LED controllers use Bluetooth technology to connect the sender and receiver. These controllers are easy to set up and use but have a limited range.

Lightbox Signs:
Also known as a backlit sign, a lightbox is an electrically-lighted business sign that transmits light through a translucent panel. The translucent panel can be customized with your company’s name, logo, phone, address, and any other information you want to feature.

LED light signs are called gooseneck lights or barn lights. These are external sources of light that are mounted at the base of the sign. The LED light is an energy-efficient and long-lasting light source. These signs are often used for businesses because they are attention-grabbing and bright. They can be used to advertise a sale, new product, or special event. LED light signs are becoming famous for homes as well. They can be used to accent a room or outdoor space. They can also be used as a night light or to add safety and security to a home. Choose an LED light sign that fits your needs and style to add beauty and function to your home or business.

When considering how to best light up your signage, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Think about the size of your graphic. If it’s large, you may need more than one light source to illuminate the entire sign evenly.
  2. Consider the graphic’s location. If it’s placed high on a wall or in another hard-to-reach spot, you’ll need a light source that can be easily mounted or positioned.
  3. Take into account the type of lightbulb you’ll use.

With those factors in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a bright and eye-catching backlit sign.

While most LED signs need to be plugged in, some battery-operated options are available on the market. However, these tend to be less bright and may need to be replaced more often. For this reason, most businesses opt for an LED sign that needs to be plugged in. In addition to being more reliable, these signs can also be customized with various colors and messages. Whether you choose a plug-in or battery-operated sign, follow all safety guidelines to ensure that your sign is installed correctly and does not pose a hazard to passersby.

A lightbox sign traditionally, is an electrically-lit sign that contains the mechanisms to encapsulate, suspend, protect and display a discrete sheet of backlit film which embodies a print image, and which is designed to transmit light through the film for increased image brightness, contrast and colour saturation.
Average Light Box Sign Prices in the Current Market

The cost ranges between $1,500 – $3,000 but it’s not strictly defined.

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