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How to Choose a LED Power Supply

LED power supply is widely used in street lights, tunnel lights, LED floor tiles, LED point light sources, LED grille lights, LED indoor lights, LED ceiling lights, buildings, roads and bridges, square building facilities, lawn lights, curtain wall lights, LED wall washer lights, table lamps Hotel stadium LED plant lights, aquarium lights and so on. After so many years of experience in contact with led light power supply manufacturers, it is often felt that it is not easy for to customers find a well-led power supply wholesaler. Therefore, the reason why it is difficult is that the quality of the LED power supply in China is difficult to detect. It has done aging in their own factory for 4 hours, and some even for 24 to 72 hours. However, the broken rate of these aging products is about 5% or higher occurs within 3 to 6 months after delivery. What causes that? That is important for us to find a good LED power supply

The difference of led power supply china

First, the important thing is the IC. The quality of the IC directly affects the LED power supply. As a large led power supply manufacturer who can find large packaging factories to encapsulate, which can guarantee the one-time and stability of ICs. For other ICs packaged by some small factories, quality is different one period, so on the cause, the LED power supply refuses to work. The other important thing is the transformer. The control chip can be regarded as the brain center of the LED light power supply, which determines the power temperature resistance and other factors. The transformer is responsible for completing AC to magnetic energy to DC, and the energy overload will saturate. The core of the transformer that constitutes the broken is magnetic and wire pack. The simple appearance is distinguished as the appearance is brittle, dense, and volume. At the same time, those who avoid grinding the pores are top grade. For a good led light power supply manufacturer, even the best-led lighting power supply controlled by materials and production processes still needs to be aging tested. Electronic components and transformer incoming inspection are difficult to control. Only through the aging of the entire batch of led power supply and the random inspection of the high-temperature room to detect the quality stability and boredom of this batch of power supplies are safe without any hidden dangers.


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