IC Solution for 5v power adapter Supply

Choosing the suitable IC chip for the power adapter supply is very important. Selecting a power adapter IC should meet circuit performance requirements and consider the size, weight, lifespan, and cost of the product related to the power adapter’s stability and service life. Choosing a suitable adapter IC can be an excellent way to ensure the safety and stability of electronic components.


IC chip PN8370

Next, we meet the original edge feedback built-in triode power adapter IC chip PN8370 is an application for small power AC/DC chargers and power adapters high-performance original edge feedback controller. The chip uses a raw-side detection and adjustment topology, so there is no need for TL431 and optocouplers in the application.

The PN8370 has a constant-current and constant-voltage control loop, enabling high-precision constant-voltage and constant-current output, and can meet most charger and adapter requirements.

The PN8370’s built-in high-voltage startup circuit and extremely low chip power consumption enable the system to meet high standby power consumption standards.








PN8370 low-power power adapter IC chip features


▪Built-in 650V high avalanche capability innovative power MOSFET

▪Built-in high-voltage startup circuit, less than 30mW no-load loss (230VAC)

▪ The use of quasi-resonant and multi-mode technology to improve efficiency and meet the energy efficiency standards of Class 6

▪ Full voltage input range ±5% CC/CV accuracy

▪ Original side feedback can save optocoupler and TL431

Constant voltage, constant current, and output line compensation externally adjustable

▪ No additional compensation capacitors required.

▪ No audio noise

▪ Intelligent protection functions

▪ Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

▪ VDD undervoltage & overvoltage protection (UVLO & OVP)

▪ Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection (OCP)

▪ CS open/short circuit protection (CS O/SP)

▪ Open-loop protection (OLP)


Power adapter IC can be divided into primary side feedback (PSR) power chip and secondary side feedback (SSR) power chip. PSR power supply chip is cheaper than SSR, adapter power IC and power management chip play the role of controlling the adapter circuit. It determines the current, voltage, and control power of the power supply circuit. Choosing the correct power adapter IC chip will extend the product’s life and reduce the failure rate of product.


Ena Leung

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