How to connect LED strip and choose LED Power Supply

To connect LED strips, a comprehensive guide to connecting power to LED strips, There are numerous points to enjoy concerning LED strips. They are an effective, environmentally friendly solution to your lights needs. They are available in an extensive range of shades and sizes. Flexible LED strips can help you brighten uncommon locations that typical lights sources can not reach. They enable you to be creative in your lights jobs. Imagine utilizing a standard light for a Do-It-Yourself accent lighting job in your home. Uncomfortable. However, purchasing and linking led bows eliminates all the trouble and also assists you in realizing your creative lights dreams. Selecting adaptable LED bow lights to illuminate your space is a piece of cake. Now you need to mount them. This may look like an overwhelming task, but it will be easy if you comply with a few fundamental steps.

LED strip light type

First, we have to verify whether it is high voltage or low voltage. If it is low-voltage, you can thoroughly observe the light strip above every three beads has two dots, and the line can be bonded to the top of the dots. If you use high-voltage to plug up, connect the plug to 220v voltage on it.

One is, all the beads connect in series with the strip. You require to connect the capacitor ballast type constant existing motorist (a far better button type continuous current chauffeur, appropriate for driving a reduced voltage strip).

Place both pins of the motorist plug right into the core of both leads of the light according to the appropriate polarity, and afterward, the LED driver power plug can connect into a 220V AC power outlet.

The various other is all the lamp grains combined and linked in series with a variety of resistors. 12V DC powered strip, straight attached to a 12V DC power supply (regulated or unregulated are readily available), and then connect the power supply right into a 220V AC power outlet can be. You can likewise utilize a 12V battery pack to drive this kind of strip directly.

LED strip connection

Cut as well as link per various other.

Unless you’re lighting a minimal task, possibilities are you’ll require to reduce and also connect LED tape to every various other. This is just one of the most significant advantages of selecting LED tape lights. You can attach multiple strips to light up larger spaces along with unusual spaces and crannies. There are two ways to connect LED tape to every other: The easiest way to attach two LED strips is to use LED strip connection clips. 2 LED strips can be attached to every other using a man-to-male pin.

Hippo Snap Kind

The hippo breeze LED strip port allows you to attach two LED strips per various other quickly. Each end of the connector has space for installing the LED strip. You must connect one end of the strip to the Hippo buckle adapter to link the two strips together. Once mounted, the “clasp” on the adapter holds the ribbon in position. You can utilize these connectors to connect two strips or attach an LED strip to a power source. These connectors can help you extend the distance that the LED strip can efficiently cover in either situation. You can use this port to connect black and white and also RGB LED strips with each other.

Solderless Connectors

While hippo clips are great for attaching specific LED strips to every other, they do not have enough space to connect identical LED tapes to every various other. This is where the larger solderless LED strip connector enters into play. It has sufficient room to link numerous LED strips. You can utilize this connector to connect black and white and RGB LED ribbon lights. It is additionally suitable with dimmable LED strips. Plastic clips hold the LED strips in position as well as protect the connection.

Solderless Wire Connectors 

Your project may need your LED strip to twist around corners or be misshapen. This is where solderless LED wire connectors come in handy. These cord adapters have clips on both ends, so you can use them to connect two LED strips to various others. They are ideal for extending the length of LED strips. Cord connectors are different beautiful ways to cover edges and areas that do not require lights. This is since there are no LEDs installed on these wires. They can only utilize to extend the length of the strip. You can attach grayscale, as well as RGB, LED tape lights to each various other.


Cutting is a simple way to connect LED strips to others, but trimming is not an option in some cases. For example, if the strips to be linked will be mounted, you can not utilize clips to connect them using a lightweight aluminum frame. In this instance, you will have to solder the LED strips to every other. Soldering LED strips per other is not a very difficult procedure. Nonetheless, it does need some specific equipment as well as some learning skills. To solder two LED strips with each other, you need to cut them to the preferred dimension, get rid of the overlay to subject the strip, match the ends of the two strips specifically, and then solder them with each other.

LED Power Supply Choice

Since you recognize just how much power you need for your LED strip, the following action is to pick the appropriate power supply. You will certainly need to select a power supply that uses only 80% of its total power to run the LED tape. This is essential to prolong the life of the power supply and the LED strip. For example, if your LED strip wattage requirement is 19W, you will need a power supply with a result of at the very least 23W (19/ 0.8). This will stop the power supply from overheating. After decreasing the minimal power level requirement, choose one of the adhering to three options for powering the bow light.

Outlet or Plug-in

You can pick to power the LED by attaching it to an electrical power outlet in your room. For this, you will undoubtedly need a good desktop LED power supply. Merely link one end of the power supply to your LED tape and the other end to the electrical outlet to light your strips. This is a beautiful choice for usage in your house, smaller rooms with LED tape lights, and the task or accent lights.


You can link the LED strip light straight to the power cable in your space. This is a reliable way to power strip lights, particularly when lighting commercial or commercial rooms. You will undoubtedly require a lightweight aluminum real estate LED power supply to hardwire your LED tape and this process, which is finest carried out by a specialist.


You can use batteries to power LED tape lights. This is an excellent alternative if you want to power a small ornamental item or carry LED lights around with you.

Attaching to an electrical outlet

After choosing the appropriate power source, it’s time to attach the LED strip light to it. As stated earlier, you can link the LED tape to a source of power via an electrical outlet or hardwired. If you select to connect the LED strips to an outlet, there are two methods.

The initial is to link each size of the strip to a solitary desktop computer power supply and link it to an electrical outlet. The second is to utilize wire clips to attach the parallel LED strips and connect the pins to the outlets. Both of these will undoubtedly help you brighten your room without bothering with voltage decrease. You can also use LED strip plugs to connect your strips to the power supply straight.

LED strip light install

1, solitary open three-hole wiring: step 2 link method is the same, other than that solitary open five-hole rather than solitary open three-hole comparison. The difference is that a single open five-hole internal has been the outlet of the two (L) fire cord terminals, and (N) no cord terminals have been shorted. We do not require to personally short.

2, it deserves to state that a few of the less demanding buildings in the wiring did not wear safety wire (yellow and environment-friendly). The socket incurable E does not need to be wired.

3. LED strip and the power supply attached to claim, positive to positive, negative to negative. Full-color on the RGB logo to connect well-LED strip and strip, the same ribbon is excellent to state, the joint together, and afterward, point tin solder on the line, take note of the very best enhanced on the back.

The above is about linking the LED strip connected to the power supply, a detailed guide to share. After reviewing the above summary, likewise has a particular understanding of this expertise, want to know even more information about the LED strip link, you can find most likely to customer care for an appointment.


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