How to connect LED Power supply to LED strips.

Proper connection of the prepared sections of LED strips is an important condition for achieving the desired result. Below are some advice and information about possible variants of such connection.

A. The most popular way to connect the LED strip sections to the power supply. The method below is suitable for small installations with short LED strips and short power supply wires (remember to use copper wires with appropriate cross-sections not to be too thin).

led lighting project connect led power supply

B. Star-shaped connection scheme, in the following case, we recommend connecting LED tape sections of up to 5 meters each, keeping the length of the power supply cables as short as possible. This method is particularly advantageous when the power connection can be placed in the middle between two lighting installations (e.g., between the kitchen countertop and ceiling lighting).

led strip lights connect led power supply

C. In the loop circuit, the last segment of the LED strip from the chain circuit model is connected to the power supply cable of the first segment of the LED strip in the chain. This solution minimizes the effect of voltage drop on the next meters of the lighting system, making it possible to use longer strips (e.g., up to 10 meters).

led strip lights connect led drivers

D. Diagram of parallel connection from the power supply, applicable when the power supply provides multiple power supply terminals.

led strip lights connect led power supply

Voltage drops in successive meters are inevitable, but in the products offered in our store, we minimize them by using the thickened, double-sided, flexible copper-based conductive substrate. We do not save on raw materials. We do not offer so-called cheap products built on an unreliable thin substrate like candy wrapper ;). 

LED Driver use for LED embedded lighting application

15W-60W DC 12V 24V LED Drivers

They are suitable for indoor use and ideal for use in the industrial field.

Power Supplies Universal AC input at full range

This LED power supply is equipped with overload protection, overvoltage, and a short circuit.

It is suitable for all LED strips and devices with constant DC 12V and DC 24V.

Outdoor LED Power supply used for LED products

Waterproof LED power supply 60W -300W

LED power supplies are the most critical part of the installation that supplies power to the LED lighting system. Thanks to the LED power supplies, the entire system is supplied with power reliably, safely, and without interference. The power supply provides the LED light sources with a constant current and the appropriate voltage.

AC input side 100-240V 175-240V

DC Output 12V 24V

Constant Current LED Drivers for LED architectural lighting installation

The common application uses high-power LEDs with constant current drivers, requiring a DC voltage input. Use for LED fixture cabinet lights, LED fixture lighting installation

30W LED driver

Dimmable power supply

Indoor Dimmable power supplies

Triac dimmer

alternating current

AC side 100-240V

dimmable power LED light source

TRIAC Dimmers

power supply dimmer light soure

Outdoor Dimmable power supplies

dimming control led lights brightness
0-10v and triac dimmable power supply


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