How to choose a LED Power supply

What kind of power supply for Power LED 3w?

For example, if you have eight 3W bulbs in your installation, you need a power supply of at least 24W. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it was slightly (10%, even up to 30%) stronger and had a power of, for example, 30W is suitable.

How to choose the power supply for the lights?

The selection method is simple and is based on a simple calculation at the elementary school level, whether before or after the educational reform. Just multiply the power consumption of the tape by one m.b. by the number of meters connected to the power grid. We multiply: 5 x 4.8 = 24 W.

Which power supply for 12 V LED lamps?

A 12 volt DC power supply with voltage stabilization (switching adapter AC/DC) is the best and cheapest solution for powering 12-volt Lumen max LED light sources. Such power supplies are also used to power laptops, tuners, and other electronic devices.

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