How to choose a 24 VDC power supply?

The most important technical parameters of power supplies are, of course, the unit of power (W – WATT), the amperage (A – AMPER), and the voltage (V – VOLT). The input voltage is the type of current supplied to the power supply (usually 230 V), while the output voltage determines the current that flows between the power supply and the light source itself. Of course, the wattage of a power supply is the wattage that results from the output voltage and the current—solving voltage drop issues and providing savings on installation costs in the process.

What is a 24vdc power supply?

A 24V Power supply can transform AC to DC. Along with changing the air conditioner power to DC power, the voltage level can be readjusted at the same time. Some devices require DC but only have access to the a/c originating from the wall surface.

Why is 24VDC used?

By utilizing 24V DC as a control voltage, producers can enhance integrity. One reason is that these power supplies run with restricting circuits to safeguard against short circuits. In case of a short, they merely closed down. They remove the demand for integration and the moment required to replace them. 24VDC powered devices are readily available, and each has its advantages and drawbacks. It makes the output voltage independent of input voltage or output current.

How do you calculate the wattage of a power supply?

Example: How to calculate the power supply’s power with a voltage of 24VDC and a current of 3 A?


Of course, it is enough to multiply both parameters together, so 24*3=72, so that the power of the power supply is 72 watts. A simple formula is used to calculate the power or intensity of the light:


Of course, we can change it as we like to count both the intensity and the voltage easily.

Choose the proper 24VDC power supply.

  1. Choose the wattage of your power supply
  2. Choose the impregnation (waterproof), Choice for indoor 24vdc power supplies or outdoor use.

3. choose product quality-Safety is one of the most important issues of working with electricity on any site

4. Choose its size, select the ideal 24 Volt DC power supply solution

Power supply 24VDC

Power supply 24V DC outputs 100W 4.16A (DC) pulse controlled, stabilized, waterproof.

This power supply has high IP67 protection, and its housing is fully sealed. Suitable for operation in very harsh conditions such as high humidity. Its housing is resistant to mechanical damage. It can be used indoors and outdoors. A maximum of 20 m of 300 LED strips or 10 m of 600 LED strips is sufficient. Thanks to the built-in cables, connecting the power supply is easy and fast. Each has a length of about 15 cm.

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Connecting the LED strip

For those who have not yet come into contact with this type of installation, the first time you try to connect the LED strip, you may fear a real challenge. However, it is not as difficult as it looks at first glance.

So let’s start with choosing the right LED strip.

24V LED strips are currently the best sales on the market. LED Strips that operate at a safe voltage of 24Vdc require an external power supply (specifically for LED lighting).

When connecting an LED strip powered by 24V low voltage, please note that the further away from the power supply, the greater the voltage drop, and the lower the voltage, the weaker the LED strip will glow.

Safety & Compliance

First option. At one side, a ready-made cable is equipped with a plug to connect the strip; or the other end with a socket (which corresponds in diameter to the pin of the existing power supply) or a suitable multi-pin plug (the type depends on the model of the controller). The disadvantage of this type of connection is the limitation of the length of the commercially available ready-made connecting wires.

LED Strip connect power supplies

Second option. We make the power supply cable ourselves. For this purpose, we need:

* a direct connector to connect the tape to the wire (preferably with a piercing attachment);

* a “nut” power connector with crimped screw contacts;

* electrical wire of the required length.

Home Improvement. Contractor Finishing Wooden Residential Stairs with LED Lighting Illumination.

The manufacturing process is quite simple:

* Insert the ends of the wires (located on one side of the future cable) into the slots of the connector, close the lid and squeeze it with pliers;

* Remove the free “ends” of the insulation, put them into the holes of the power plug, and crimp them with fixing screws;

* Connect the manufactured cable to the LED strip, paying attention to the polarity.


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