All LED Strips you need to know and LED controller install to RGB LED Lights

Types of LED Strips

led strip lights categories

Anatomy of an LED strip

led lights info

Determining LED Strip Brightness

led lights brightness
led lighting brightness

LED Strip Color Options: White

Warmer ← CCT → Cooler

Lower ← CRI → Higher

Color Temperature

LED Strip Color Options: Fixed and Variable Color

led strip colors

Input Voltage & Power Supply

Power = LED power (per ft) x LED strip length (in ft)

Example scenario connecting 5 ft of LED strip where LED strip power consumption is 4 Watts per foot:

  • Power = 4 Watts per ft x 5 ft = 20 Watts

choose between 12V and 24V?

accessories power supply

How to Connect LED Strips

accessories connector

Aluminum Channels & Heatsinking

accessories case

Dimming and Color Control

rgb led controllers

Determining LED Strip Quality

led lighting quality

LED Strip lights Installation with controller (LED dimmers)

As always, it is important that the voltage range and maximum current match the LED installation.

install single color LED strip lights using LED dimmers

RGB LED lights installation for color effects-RGB LED controllers

connect RGB LED strip to power supply with RGB controllers

LED Controller Related categories

LED Lighting installation dos and don’ts

Follow these wiring guidelines, and the brightness of your LED strip lights will be consistent from start to finish.

Accessories power supply selection

Choose from a large selection of LED power supplies


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