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Founded in 2011, SANPU is an innovative power supply manufacturer in China that integrates research and development, production, and sales. From day one, we’ve consistently focused on designing and engineering high-quality LED power supplies, CCTV power supplies, and LED adapters. We also make certain we adhere strongly to the principle of “customer first, quality first”.

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R&D Engineers

     Based on the win-win philosophy of cooperation, the company has recruited numerous outstanding talents with impressive backgrounds in research and development, production, and management. Most of the personnel who take charge of the core scientific research work possess valuable previous experience in various internationally renowned lighting and power supply companies. Each of these specialists has engaged in engineering and market management in power supply design alongside development and lighting system applications for a number of years, resulting in constant excellence.

Power Supply Manufacturer All-Around Superior Technology

        As a top power supply manufacturer, Xinreal is fully equipped with:

  • integrating sphere
  • constant temperature
  • humidity box
  • pressure tester
  • and other product performance evaluation equipment.


      Our top priority is providing customers with high-quality, affordable, automated, and customized LED power supply within sufficient delivery times. All our products are produced under the IEC standard and each power supply has been 100% test according to industry standards. All Xinreal power supplies have passed CE, ROHS, and UL certifications, which are safe and reliable for use. We also enforce a number of strategies to improve the quality and efficiency of every product, to also display progress within the industry.

      With outstanding team members, advanced technology, scientific management, and innovative spirit, Xinreal continues to be a strong leader in power supply manufacturers in China. We will continue to focus on LED Power Supply, while constantly expanding our facilities to provide innovative, long-lasting products and services that meet the needs of customers, as well as continuously expand the domestic and foreign LED power supply market.

Power Supply Wholesale is Available

     To increase market share, Xinreal has developed wholesale options as well to ensure a longer-lasting enterprise. In the current market, there is a variety of LED and CCTV power supply brands, waterproof power supply brands, and more. Given the increased usage and competitive manufacturers, we strive to produce more advanced products for companies in China and around the world.

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We focus on power supply wholesale for our increasing total number of clients

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Why are we able to provide 7 days of proofing? Because we have over 1000+ moulds that can be quickly constructed to realize your ideas much quicker.

We also have over 20 product experts with 12+ years of experience designing and assembling a variety of headsets for your convenience.

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