12v 20 amp power supply

Where is the 12v 20 amp power supply used for?

12V LED strips are currently the most popular products on our market. Strips that operate at a safe voltage of 12 V require an external power supply (specifically for LED lighting).

It should be noted that when connecting an LED strip operating at 12 V low voltage, the farther it is from the power supply, the greater the voltage drop, and the lower the voltage, the weaker the light of the LED strip.

The market offers a wide range of power supplies.

Output Voltage more 5V 12V 24V

Input Voltage:100-240V


Indoor DC output 12V LED Power Supply Home Depot

Rainproof Input Voltage 110V 220V to 12V DC 24V Power Supply

Outdoor Waterproof Input Voltage 110V 220V to 12V DC 24V LED Power Supply

This unit converts 110/220 Volt AC to Fixed 12V DC Power

How to connect a LED strip to the LED driver and INSTALLED?

Output Voltage more 12V 24V

The LED driver that allows you to control a single color LED strip has an input (Input) and an output (output). The (+) and (-) of the transformer should be connected to the input, and the (+) and (-) of the LED strip are connected to the output.

LED Strip Anatomy Explained

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